Revenue Growth For A Real Estate Tech Startup

A fast growing real estate tech startup was looking to increase the number of paid customers using their platform to begin generating more revenue. While they existing ad campaigns running and converting, they hired us to optimize and begin focusing on revenue.


It used to be that you had to see a real estate agent if you wanted to buy or list your home — at least if you were looking to get it sold. But today, there’s a growing DIY contingent of people who want to avoid the middle man. Our client’s technology made this possible — and being based in the red hot real estate market of South Florida proved a great opportunity to grow locally.

Our client already saw the value of digital ads and was spending a healthy budget that contributed to a comprehensive customer acquisition plan.

Our Challenge

While digital ads were a main part of their marketing mix, they were contributing largely to unpaid customers. Free users were important to growth, but the client wanted to pivot to revenue growth.

The Approach

The client proved people were willing to pay for this DIY service but an analysis of their user flow, landing pages and ads showed opportunities for improvement.

After the analysis, we completed a comprehensive optimization effort that cut out spending and ads that were not converting. This saved thousands while we focused on our goal.

Using the best performing ads and landing pages as a baseline, we began running experiments on and off-site to begin reaching our target audience with a compelling message and an optimized page experience.

The Results

Our paid efforts helped increase revenue numbers across the board. Our client saw an 80% increase in revenue growth through our ad campaigns. Our landing page tests increased their conversion rate 294% and earned them 49% more monthly paid customers. Our on-site optimizations also affected key metrics across all traffic.

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